Monday, June 16, 2008

getting massive traffic to your site

Getting traffic to your site,this is the hard part,but it really isn't that hard,you just need to spend a half hour or so a day to get results,but remember,the harder you work,the better the payoff,I will list a few places to give you an idea of what you are looking for in terms of advertising,this is just like any business,in order to make sales you will have to get your name out in front of the people looking to buy what you have,and make sure you know alittle something about what you are trying to promote,selling something and knowing nothing about it,sometimes doesn't really work,so if you are going to promote something,do some research on it,read a little about it,that way when it is your turn to post a blog,you will sound like you been selling for years,thats what we are after,

One tool you will need to help you sign in the blogs and ads sites you will need to be sending your articles to wil be Roboformthis is a great program that will fill in all the forms and passwords for you,all you do is click a button,thats all,sometimes I will have to fill in something like a capacta(think thats how it is spelled) but thats nothing,this program will download right now from this link,Roboform,fill out the information and get started,real easy to use and very helpfull,

hubpages,children with aidsThis is a hub I wrote to tell a story of a little girl I know here local,she is a sweety with a bright future,good reading,not advertising here,,anyway,the next place would afcourse be,

blogspot.comThis is another great place to post blogs about you or your site,remember,we are posting to get your name on the net,the more blogs and site you post your website name to the higher the page rank you will get,more work,higher payout,
then theres wordpresswordpress or press release, a weblog,blog mostly like the rest,there are many more blogging site,I use about 15,getting the name out it the key,advertise is the cure,

  • wordpress or press release
  • hubpages,children with aids


  • Placing an ad on the web is considerably cheaper than placing an equivalent ad in a print magazine or newspaper and has a far greater potential reach. It is simply more cost-effective.

    Your ad is not restricted by national, geographical, broadcast or distributor boundaries, it is literally available to the whole world, opening up new markets.

    Customers who arrive at your site are already pre-qualified "warm" leads. They came because they are interested in what you have to offer.

    A well-constructed website has the potential to offer up more information and substance than possible in a 30-second TV commercial. But beware: a badly designed website can send customers away just as quickly.

    A website is a long-term investment; it is open 24/7 and promotes your company and its services for years. It is a much greater return on investment than any other form or advertising.

    Marketing by word of mouth spreads far quicker on the ‘net than in traditional models making the web the definitive "viral marketing" arena.

    Here is a list of social networks,they are great for advertising free,you create an account,you can then post blogs,join group with other selleres like youself,learn great tips from the pros,advertise on your profile and start adding friends,here are 3 good ones I use,I use more and theres plenty more but this is the top three for me,




  • yuwie is a great site that pays for page views,I have almost 10,000 page views already and that means 10,000 ads veiws,get the point,also,the more referrals you get,the more you get paid,check it out,it is free to join and so are the rest,

    Now on to the classifieds,here is a few I use but again,there are 1000's,you can use all you want,I use about 15 or 20,depending on the time I want to use for this,I never pay for ads like this either but some will want to pay,thats up to you,

  • Online Classifieds
  • Earn
    money from free classifieds!


  • Joining an advertising group like clicksor is another way to make extra cash,it s alot like google adsence,I think google sucks but that another story,clicksor will let you pick the way you want your ads to show up,floaters and more,they are pretty cool,it to is free,and will pay you in the long run,

    after getting all the classifieds,blogs and other ads completed you can ping them,that lets the cyber world know there has been an update to your blog or something new added,heres where I do this,this to is a free thing,pinging is free just like most all the other sites listed on this page,free advertising is the trick,less you spend the more you make in the long run,pingoat also has more tools to get your site ranked high,check them out,web tools are a must,Webpage keywords analysis,Spider simulator tool and more


    So all in all there is millions of ways to promote a blog,if posted one blog and promoted it with something some one wants,soon it will be big on the net and you will be on your way,amazon has stores you can build,theres a good way to sell something with out having to buy anything,there stores are free and promote them just like I told you here,build a store,write a blog and promote it like you own it,Here is an astore of mine,very simple to do,you can promote it if ya want to for pratice,lol,just kidding,check it out,
    my amazon store you can download music or buy sporting goods,the stores are ready built with templates and you pick what you want to sell,its that simple,

    you can also place widgets like this on your blogs,myspace yuwie and lots more,if you wanted to promote music then this is your chance,the low cost of the downloads sell them selves,easy but you will have to work at it,just becoming an affiliate is not all there is to do,you will have to help alittle,

    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    identity theft is on the rise,be carefull

    "But he that filches from me my good name/Robs me of that which not enriches him/And makes me poor indeed." - Shakespeare, Othello, act iii. Sc. 3.does this sound like something you might have heard before,It came off the
    department of justice
    site and thats what you read right off the bat,seems identity theft is on the rise and people including myself are getting worried about it,I know that when I get something odd looking on my bank staement and I use online banking I get all shook up inside,its scares me to think that one day I might write a check for mu morgage and it might bounce because someone has stolen my id and spent all my hard earned cash,it can happen,every 3 seconds some one will lose there identity,there are way to protect yourself from this happening,reading and research is one of the best ways,but if you are like me,thats just not what I want to do,so I have done some reading for you and posted some links to more great sites with all the right information you will need to get that peace of mind you are looking for,here is one right here'
    trade commission
    I am not affiliated with this site or the other site listed here,just government sites to get you on the right track and safe from the theives
    Some people are thinking they are safe because they never post there credit card info online,your dreaming,your information is everywhere,even if you do not have a credit card,read the sites,they will tell you theives will get your trash or dig in dumpsters to get your identity from anything you throw away.even your phone number will get alot of information about you,try looking your your number on yahoo,a phone search,most likely you will get your address and full name and so on,and thats just for a simple look up,there are more sufisticated ways of looking up information,there are people in stores and resturants selling your credit card info,people are mean and greedy,and with the economy like it is,it might get worse,so you really need to caught up to date with all that is going on around you,its ok not to trust people,I know I dont feel really safe like I did some years ago,another really great way to get info from someone is a trick called phishing,and its really tricky if you don't know what to look for,you get emails spoofing ebay or paypal or any company online asking you to update your account,thats where it gets tricky,you are redirected to there site,not the real site and you update your information,it is then stored in there data base,your doomed after that,it will be sold or used,either way,the days after will be hard on your nerves,it normally takes 200 hours to recover from id theft,thats alot of wasted time,you will have to notifiy everyone of the credit card companies and banks you have accounts with,walmart card,kmart card,anyone you have an account with,its a pain in the butt,anyway,I can go on for days but you really need to do the reading from the sites I listed here at the top,they are the real deal,like I said,I have no affiliation with the sites,I make no money from them and get nothing from this ad or hub,other then letting you guys know the real deal on identity theft,seems there is some myth surrounding this matter,I just wanted to clarifiy it for you,thanks for reading,

    District of Kansas. A defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy, odometer fraud, and mail fraud for operating an odometer "rollback" scheme on used cars. The defendant used false and assumed identities, including the identities of deceased persons, to obtain false identification documents and fraudulent car titles

    Central District of California. A woman pleaded guilty to federal charges of using a stolen Social Security number to obtain thousands of dollars in credit and then filing for bankruptcy in the name of her victim. More recently, a man was indicted, pleaded guilty to federal charges and was sentenced to 27 months' imprisonment for obtaining private bank account information about an insurance company's policyholders and using that information to deposit $764,000 in counterfeit checks into a bank account he established

    In floridia A defendant has been indicted on bank fraud charges for obtaining names, addresses, and Social Security numbers from a Web site and using those data to apply for a series of car loans over the Internet.

    you see,its not all about credit cards anymore,this is a real problem,be carefull
    and one site I am affiliated with to help you with this matter is listed on my website,but I will just post the
    name here,if you really want to get protected then you will get that information there,thanks again for reading,jim

    LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention - Save 10%

    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    One of the easiest of all things to do since you already have an affiliate id with is to get an astore,theres no easier way to do this,just go into your amazon dashboard and scoll down to the left you will see a link that says astore,thats all it says,click that and your off,you already have an id with them so the store front name unless changed will look something like this,this is my store if you want to look at it,took me like 5 minutes to put it together, after the .com/ is the affiliate id,thats a link to my store if you want to check it out and download some free music but its not all free,some cost but they are low cost like 99 cents or lower,

    ok,now with your store added you can see to the left that is has categories under the astore link,thats where you set up the store,amazon has anything and everything you might want to sell,from books to music and camping gear and everything,you will have to look for what you might want to sell or just pick the whole category like I did under sporting goods,now here's the tricky part,I had a little bit of a problem with this some I will fill you in,you will have to click the edit button beside the astore name (your store name) and thats where you add products,I just couldn't figure that one out,after you get past that point it is easy from there,with little trouble you will be selling something online before the days out and making money,getting the link out to be seen is the only real work you will be required to do,but you shouldn't have any trouble with that,there is a ton of free advertising places from blogs to classified ads and I even have a free advertising page,I will help you promote it,I promote my site every day,to everywhere,building traffic doesn't happen instantly,you will have to stay on the ball but you will learn along the way,its not a big ball to stay on,anyway,good luck and email if you have any problem,thanks,if you haven't gotten an affiliate id yet for amazon then just click the link below and sign up for one,it is free,and you will need it to get amazon here on the hubs pages,and remember to check out my site,,theres lots to learn and I am writing it out for ya,thanks and if you have blogs you want to promote I will list them for ya for free,ads for free,theres a link to it on the site,

    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    the fine art of becoming an affiliate

    Hello again and welcome to another reading from yours truly The webmaster of be sure to look at my site if you get a chance,theres a forum there and I am going to set up a free advertising page on there for anyone who wants free advertising,the cost for that is free,no money for this one,right now anyway,normally the bigger sites will pay me for site ads but that's only when I get lots of views,this being a new site,that will be a while,

    Day after day I hear people asking the same questions about why affiliate marketing is so great and why they should consider becoming an affiliate to a company or a product,well there are a number of reasons you might want to become an affiliate,and one of the best company's are the ones offering sevices just like a web host,here's some reading I gathered off the startlogic

    Placing an ad on the web is considerably cheaper than placing an equivalent ad in a print magazine or newspaper and has a far greater potential reach. It is simply more cost-effective.

    Your ad is not restricted by national, geographical, broadcast or distributor boundaries, it is literally available to the whole world, opening up new markets.

    Customers who arrive at your site are already pre-qualified "warm" leads. They came because they are interested in what you have to offer.

    A well-constructed website has the potential to offer up more information and substance than possible in a 30-second TV commercial. But beware: a badly designed website can send customers away just as quickly.

    A website is a long-term investment; it is open 24/7 and promotes your company and its services for years. It is a much greater return on investment than any other form or advertising.

    Marketing by word of mouth spreads far quicker on the ‘net than in traditional models making the web the definitive "viral marketing" arena.

    I could go on about this matter for a long time,but all the good reading is on the site,Becoming an affiliate should involve more than simply signing up to a program and posting a link on your website. Merchants and networks must make being an affiliate attractive so that people will not only sign up but also recommend it, thereby growing the network.You will need to become a real sales person and act like your are selling the product,not just trying to get free money,anything you make online you will have to work for,no one is going to give you any thing for free,you will have to earn it,and remember,the term"it takes money to make money" thats true,spend alittle,not much and make this work for you,it is working for me,right now,you just don't have to sign up for web space affiliate programs,there are many programs out there for you to work in,find something that you enjoy and then you will be able to tell everyone the real deal about what you are promoting,I have been doing this for many years,I enjoy writing blogs and promoting sites,its like a hobby that pays me to do it,thats the best part,this site I pay alittle over 7 bucks a month for,nothing really,I post articles about things everywhere and they cost me nothing,classified ads are free,I promote this site and it cost me nothing,so really,the cost of becoming an affiliate is not much compared to the pay you will be getting when someone signs up,thats what I look forward to,its like free money,who doesn't like that,free money,its a great thing,anyway,I will conclude for now,I will be updating soon so bookmark and come back,thanks again,

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    Planning on a web site,you'll need webspace,

    hey,you looking to build a site and want to see a site that was built with a website builder,no html was needed for this,you don't have to know any html to do this,check out my site, and check out some of the pages,it was thrown togather in about an hour and easy is the word,I will be updating this page with wordpress blogger added and there is already a forum for you guys to post free ads for your sites and pages,check it out,its free,let me know what you think and email me if you need advice on getting started,,3dealz.comagain.all was done with the page builder to show the new guys how easy it is,thanks

    First of all,if you are thinking of building a website and don't really have an idea how you want to do this then let me help,the first thing you will need to do is get a domain name,you can make a site for anything from personal to business or create domain names for resale,people do it everyday,if your plans are for long term online building then you will need a paid web host,the free ones have banners and ads and just do not look much like a really professional store front,that why you need to look at the links for your new web host

    First we have BLUEHOST.
    here's just a starter of what they have to offer new setups,,this is a really good deal and set up couldn't be easier,the tech support is the bomb to,24/7 support,just call them and they get right on it,
    Free Domain Name
    Site Promotion Package
    Free eCommerce/Cart
    Free Blog, Forum, Board
    Top Notch 24/7 Support
    $50 Free Yahoo Credits
    $50 Free Google Credits
    If you already have a domain to transfer then they can help you with that also,they have all sorts of packages for anyone from starter to pro,be sure to look at BLUEHOST.COM

    Next we haveStartLogicand here are just some of the stuff they offer with there sign up,looks pretty good, and remember,all the sites have page builders so if you don't have any html knowledge no worries,you can use templates and builders from the host,and they have packages from 3.95 and up,be sure to look into StartLogic
    60 GB of Storage
    600 GB Transfer
    Free Site Builder
    Photo Gallery, Blog and Forum Tools
    Free Wordpress Themes
    Unlimited E-mail Boxes

    Next we have,All the web host I have listed are great in there own way but I have used both the others and thought I would give this one a try,looks good from this side of the spectrum,everything I need is right here at my finger tips from demos to support,they offer some of the best plans and gadgets for your web page and it is all at a great price,
    600 Gigs of Web Hosting Space
    6,000 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
    Host UNLIMITED Websites
    FREE Instant Setup
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    45 Day Money Back Guarantee
    CGI, PHP 4 & 5, RoR, Perl
    FREE Site Builder
    cPanel Hosting ( View Demo )
    here's a run down on the prices they have to offer,they go up to 1,000gb of space,now that's alot of space,I never need anything like that but you might,its all here and looks to me like a winner,compare and pick the one that is right for you,look on the sites for free demos and all the sites I have listed will give you a 45 day money back guarantee,
    Pricing $4.95 $7.95 $12.95
    br>Be sure to check out Hostgator.comand all the others here and see for yourself,there is no way you can lose with this setup,and if you want to be a reseller of domains and space,here's where you need to be,all offer reseller programs and theres money to be made there for sure,that will be the next level I climb to,but not now,I just don't have the time,

    Copyright © 2008

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Making money while I was out

    Ok,I was out most of the day and just got in,I really haven't done anything to speak of but I wasted a day relaxing and doing goofy stuff,came home,got on line and there ya go,I have sold some webspace and made a clear 65 bucks,I also have gotten some referrals on my yuwie account so thats doing well also,man,it sure is a good feeling coming home when I wasn't at work to see I have made some fast cash,and maybe it will rain tomorrow and I can do some more marketing and making money,I really don't know why everyone isn't doing something online to make money,it aint like it is hard,you just have to do some reading,learning and be focused,thats almost all it takes,tips from other that have made it help to,never can learn it all,good luck with whatever you do,hope it works for ya,thanks for reading,

    James Ruble

    P.S. heres the link I made the 65 bucks on,check it out,its a great site with all the goodies,I'm not going to promote this right now,I figure if your interested then you will look at it,


    be sure to look at the rest of the reading in this blog,good ways to make money,same way I am,thanks again,

    Joining YUWIE!!! to make money64

    Hello again and welcome to another reason to read my pages,This one will be telling you how to really make money with yuwie,yuwie is a website that pays when people veiw your pages and when you do an update or something,writting blogs and things like that,they will pay 50 cents per 1000 page view and I know that doesn't sound like much but,it will add up pretty quick,but thats not the real way to make money on yuwie,heres the deal,
    You will make more money on referrals and heres how it works,you get referrals and they get referrals and so on,you buid and referral tree,now,heres how it pays
    RSR x (Page Views/1000) x Level Percentage = Your Earnings
    The percentages at each level are:
    Your Level10%
    Level 1 10%
    Level 2 10%
    Level 3 4%
    Level 4 4%
    Level 5 4%
    Level 6 4%
    Level 7 4%
    Level 8 10%
    Level 91 0%
    Level 10 30%
    As you can see you will be earning 10% of what your referral earns when they join and get page veiws,then it drops a little and then you get up to 30%,and all you need is five referrals,then your referrals all need 5 and so on,heres a tree of what that tree looks like and how you make really good money and thats just with 5 referrals,take a look,
    Level 1: You
    Level 2: 5 referrals
    Level 3: 25 referrals
    Level 4: 125 referrals
    Level 5: 625 referrals
    Level 6: 3,125 referrals
    Level 7: 15,625 referrals
    Level 8: 78,125 referrals
    Level 9: 390,625 referrals
    Level 10: 1,953,125 referrals
    Total: 2,441,416 referrals
    you see,it really is not that hard to do,referring 5 people with the chance of making money like this is a sure thing,now if you don't have a yuwie account please sign up and get started soon,heres the link,
    yes,thats a link to my site,why not sign up under me,it still works for all of us,either way,you will still be on the top of your referral tree,
    and heres a link to my profille if you want to look at it and see how yuwie works, and email me if you need help understanding this,but it is pretty simple,I think you guys can get it pretty quick,
    OK,thats about it for now, and thanks for looking at my pages,let me know how it goes for ya,I wish you all the luck,thanks again,James

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